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Elevators, like many vehicles, move, have moving parts, and transport people. For these reasons and others, elevators require some form of protection against risk and the significant costs that risks can come with. Elevators are used in buildings that house businesses and elevators are used in homes. In most cases, insurance policies that cover homes and buildings do not include coverage for elevators, so elevator insurance must be purchased separately or combined with an existing policy. It helps when purchasing elevator insurance to purchase from an agent who is knowledgeable about the elevator industry and who knows the risks that you face as an elevator owner and/or user. At Dukane Financial Services we have the knowledge and experience necessary to create an elevator insurance program that keeps you fully protected for the right price.

Our elevator insurance program is broad and flexible and gives you the opportunity to choose coverages from elite providers like Chubb and the NAEC. We custom-tailor policies through this program to suit the needs of individual clients and we’ll be happy to tailor a policy to you.

Please contact an agent to get started or feel free to request a quote. If you’d like to learn more, read on.

Elevator Coverages and Policy Options Tailored to You

Liability is the most common coverage for any elevator insurance policy. The reason for this is that liability is the biggest concern for any elevator owner and/or user. There are other coverages that pertain to damages to buildings in which elevators operate and to elevators themselves. There are also coverages for personal injuries. Most coverages however, revolve around liability.

Elevator accidents often involve elevators getting stuck and people trying to get in and out of the elevators. Damages and injuries that occur often occur under the circumstances of an elevator being stuck. The solutions to problems related to these circumstances can involve damages and costs of numerous kinds. Fire departments can be called; service professionals can be needed to fix things; and business can be interrupted. In each of these three and other cases, expenses can be accrued and time can be lost. Elevator insurance covers expenses and losses.

The type of insurance you get will depend on the type of elevator you use (large or small, with heavy capacity or low), the location in which you use an elevator, and the purpose for which you use an elevator. Other factors will come into play also, but these three criteria will play large roles in determining the right coverages and the best policy.

Beyond basic liability coverage, other coverage options you may need and can select include:

  • Per elevator aggregate endorsement
  • Automatic additional insureds
  • Damage to premises a client rents or occupies
  • Standard policy limits no less than $1 million per occurrence/$3 million aggregate

The kinds of elevators and/or vertical lift devices that can be insured include:

  • Elevators (passenger/freight)
  • Escalators
  • Moving walkways
  • Garage lifts
  • Residential lifts
  • Handicap lifts
  • Chair lifts
  • Sidewalk lifts
  • Dumbwaiters

If you own and/or use any of the lift devices mentioned above and you would like insure any of these devices, please speak with an agent at Dukane Financial Services. He or she can help you create a policy that matches your needs and that delivers complete protection for the right price.

Working with Dukane Financial Services

We believe in giving clients full insurance experiences and in providing everything that clients need to make the best investments and to maximize the value of investments. We manage risk and claims and provide ongoing education. This way, clients can reduce costs and can have advocates. Clients can also get the informational tools they need in order to make the best decisions about their insurance.

We’re also fully available, which means that we are reachable whenever and however clients need us. Whether it’s via text, email, phone, and/or one-on-one interactions, we communicate with clients in ways that clients prefer. We also stay current on elevator industry trends as a result of our partnerships with pervasive and strong carriers. We also stay current on developments in this industry because we want and need to know as much as we can; it helps us provide better products.

Please contact us or give us a call to learn more or to get started. If you’re ready to start on a policy, please feel free to request a quote.

Dukane Financial Services is proud to provide elevator insurance in Geneva, St. Charles, Bloomingdale, Bartlett, Addison, and Chicago, IL. We also serve other areas in the state and we serve seven other states.

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